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Fast. Dependable. Well-Funded.


Ask yourself these questions and see if partnering with LendingOne is the right choice for your real estate investing goals.


Are you a busy investor interested in receiving your loan money fast but don’t want to wait upwards of 90 days or more from a traditional bank lender?
We can provide you with the financing you need in as few as 10 business days, so you can start your investing sooner rather than later.


Are you tired of banks and their rigid guidelines, rules, restrictions, and credit committees overseeing the approval of your loan?
We use a simple, yet effective, common sense approach that first focuses on the property and then looks at your experience, income, and assets, so we can come to an approval on your loan.


Are you attempting to get a loan at the bank but don’t necessarily have the typical minimum FICO score of 740 or higher?
We are much more flexible in the FICO scores we accept and are happy to work with each client’s individual situations.


Are you trying to avoid being overwhelmed by the significant amount of documentation and paperwork that banks require in order to complete their application?
We keep it simple by just asking for the basic documentation necessary, so you can apply faster and easier.


Are you looking to keep application costs down but have come to realize that banks charge you for reviewing, processing, application fees and more?
We only charge you for our actual costs, so there are no hidden or excessive fees for you to have to pay for.


Are you in need of a loan that covers more than just the owner-occupied property loans that banks offer you?
We help investors specifically with non-owner occupied investment properties for single family, multi-family, short sales, bridge loans, and foreclosures, so if you’re in the business of real estate investing, we’ve got you covered.

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to start your investing with LendingOne, where we can offer you competitive rates of 8.25%-13.9% based on your experience, income, credit and LTV, and our loan to cost covers up to 90%. We invite you to apply today and see for yourself why you made the right choice in deciding to partner with us.

Why Choose LendingOne?

Meet your new partners in direct private lending. We are focused on providing our clients with excellent service, a professional approach, and true reliability. Our industry experts offer tailored strategies and one-on-one transaction support to help you grow your portfolio.

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What Makes Us A True Lending Partner?

We are not a bank but rather a direct private real estate lender who specializes in short-term real estate loans. We use our own capital to finance investors for the purchase and/or renovation of non-owner occupied properties. LendingOne was created for real estate investors, by real estate investors. Our founder has personal, first-hand experience in the real estate investing market from his years of fixing and flipping 300 properties and owning 150 rentals.

CEO and Founder Bill Green Talks LendingOne

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