rental property renovations

Important Rental Property Renovations to Remember

Truly essential rental property renovations differ from the ones we’ll make when dealing with a fix-and-flip. When renovating for a rental, we’ll want to move away from wow-factor and instead increase the property’s efficiency and livability. A good guideline? Renovate to the standard of the neighborhood. Do nearby rentals have fresh paint, minimal landscaping and Corian […]

buy and hold investment property

The Basics of a Buy and Hold Investment Property

Flipping homes isn’t the only way to make a profit in real estate. In fact, purchasing a buy and hold investment property can be a less risky and much more profitable endeavor. Instead of depending on a quick post-rehab sale to turn a profit, your initial investment accumulates value over time. Two Types of Buy […]

real estate comps

Comparing Real Estate Comps When It Is Time To Sell

When selling a property, picking the right price is a make-or-break task that can mean the difference between closing a sale fast and hanging onto an expired listing. To choose the right price, you’ll need to look at true real estate comps. Real estate comps are short for comparables which are other similar properties investors will use […]

budget for fix and flip

How to Budget for Fix and Flip Renovations

The key to making money from flipping houses is to accurately predict how much you’ll spend on rehabbing each property. This allows you to estimate the profit on the projected selling price. However, getting the budget right isn’t easy—especially when you’re new to the business. Here’s how to create an accurate budget for fix and […]

first fix and flip

What You Need to Know For Your First Fix and Flip

If you’re looking for a way to make your money work for you, you might be considering investing in real estate. One of the quickest and most effective ways to do this is by fixing and flipping houses. Before you decide whether flipping houses is right for you, it’s advisable to get a basic understanding […]

10 Key Team Members Real Estate Investors Can Count On

Real estate investing is a busy business that requires lots of time and the ability to multitask frequently. As a result, real estate investors tend to wear many hats, which can become overwhelming. For investors who are looking to save time, be more efficient, and streamline their business better, here are the 10 must-have members […]