6 Ways To Be A Better Landlord

Landlord Tips for Tenants You can’t have cash flow without tenants. For a real estate investor, rental income can provide an excellent and steady source of profit. That source can falter when a property stays vacant, loses tenants, or presents problems staying rented. Use the tips below to keep your rentals full and keep cash […]

curb appeal

10 Ways to Get Quick Curb Appeal Under $100

Exterior Fixes and Curb Appeal There’s no disputing the value of curb appeal. Various experts estimate a 5% to 20% increase in a property’s value from improving the landscaping alone. So how can we leverage this powerful selling tool? Better still, how can we increase curb appeal on a tight budget? Take a look at the proven […]

plumbing and fixtures

Budget-Friendly Tips for Replacing Plumbing and Fixtures

Save Money On House Plumbing and Fixtures Performing plumbing repairs and replacing fixtures can eat up a property owner’s budget overnight. DIY the small stuff, including sourcing the materials. Buying quality supplies, bundling jobs, and finding hidden deals can mean a much more budget-friendly remodel or repair. For investors looking to save money on plumbing […]

why hire a property management company

Should You Hire A Property Management Company?

The Benefits of A Property Management Company For Rentals Should you hire a property management company? Real estate investors may start to consider this option if they are tired of the daily issues that go into managing their rental units: screening tenants, dealing with leaky toilets, or complaints about loud music. Or, perhaps these investors […]

DIY cabinets and countertops

10 DIY Tips for Renovating Cabinets and Countertops

How to Save Money On Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops Buyers and renters love beautiful kitchens. It is one of the main rooms in the house that they want to have updated and renovated. Refurbishing old cabinets and countertops is a prime way for real estate investors to get a higher sale price for a home. […]

timing for fixing and flipping

The Importance of Time When Fixing and Flipping

Why Time is Money For Fix and Flips To become a successful investor fixing and flipping, it’s essential to learn how to set accurate deadlines for your projects. If your timeline for a project is inaccurate and you can’t sell the home before the designated deadline, your costs increase. There are two reasons for this: […]

fix-n-flip property value

What Makes A Good Fix-n-Flip Investment?

Evaluating a Property’s Value and Potential as a Fix-n-Flip Probably the most crucial question for any real estate investor is how to evaluate a property’s fix-n-flip potential. This is where the rubber meets the road and what separates those who make money from those who don’t. There are a few key points to consider before […]

rental property renovations

How to Save Money on Rental Property Renovations

Budget Tips for Rental Property Renovations One of the most important ideas to keep in mind is that tenants are not homeowners. Even the best of tenants do not have the same feeling for your rental property as the home they will own in the future. Providing a temporary home that is clean, inviting, and […]