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What Are Investment Property Rental Loans?

What is a Rental Loan? A rental loan is a type of loan that real estate investors will apply for when they are seeking financing on a long-term buy and hold rental investment. Investors interested in becoming a landlord will pursue a property that they can purchase and keep as a rental. Rental properties come […]

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5 Steps to Perform Prior to that General Contractor Hire

Why Investors Need General Contractors To make a fix and flip project a success, you need a skilled, experienced general contractor on board from the start. Once you’ve found a promising property and an inspection has been performed, your contractor provides an assessment of all the work that needs to be done and what the […]

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What You Need to Know When Financing Fix and Flips

Types of Loans for Purchase and Repairs of a Fix and Flip An investor or contractor that is considering a fix and flip project can have several concerns. A standard home mortgage will not be considered because the home is not a primary residence for the flipper. A typical construction loan also may not be […]

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4 Reasons Investors Love Private Money Lenders

What is a Private Money Lender? Private money lenders are companies that lend money to real estate investors. The key distinction is, they’re not banks. That’s important because it means they offer faster, hassle-free loans. With private money, factors like credit score, cash on hand and yearly income are still important. That said, these points […]

5 Cost-Effective Ways Investors Replace Electrical, Wires, and Fixtures

Save Money Buying Electrical, Wires, and Fixtures for Investment Properties Buying electrical fixtures like outlets, switches, wiring, and lamps can suck the money from an investment business fast. Buying it yourself, buying quality, buying wholesale, buying locally, and paradoxically buying more expensive wiring are all great ways to save real money on electrical products. To save money on […]

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10 Bathroom Remodel Tips for Fix and Flips

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget It is entirely possible to save big when redoing a bathroom on a fix and flip property, especially when you avoid gutting everything right down to the studs.  Instead, make the bathroom look nice by updating without breaking the bank. Nobody needs to know you did a budget bathroom remodel if you […]

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What Makes a Good Single Family Rental Property?

10 Ways to Evaluate a Property’s Potential as a Single Family Rental If you’re looking for a sound investment that yields a good monthly return, chances are you’re thinking about investing in a single-family rental property. However, not all properties are created equal, and if you don’t know what your prospective tenants want, your investment […]

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The Most Affordable Flooring Options for Fix-n-Flip Properties 

Affordable Flooring Doesn’t Have to Mean Cheap Flooring When considering a fix and flip or rental renovation, flooring will be one of the most expensive areas for replacement. In the past, many contractors found the cheapest carpet or vinyl available to make a ‘quick sale’. Savvy buyers are not likely to purchase a property with […]