Invest In Your Next Buy and Hold or Fix and Flip Just In Time for Summer

With summer now getting into full swing, the prime season for the real estate market is heating up. Looking at past years’ trends will tell you that more people move during the summer months than any other months of the year. Homeowners are more determined to sell their properties, buyers are more interested in making a purchase, and renters are more motivated to find a rental. As a result, now is a perfect time to either invest in a fix and flip property and have it ready to sell in time for the summer months, or purchase a long term investment in a buy a hold property and put it on the market for the busy season of renters looking to move into a new home.

Before deciding whether you want to invest your money in a fix and flip or a buy and hold property, let’s first take a look at why the summer season seems to produce higher activity for the real estate market. It is important to focus on those looking to move because they are your potential buyers or renters, and their reasons for moving during summer ultimately affect your decisions to invest. Some explanations for why people find it more convenient to move are their schedules tend to not be as busy at this time or they may be on vacation; their kids are out of school for the summer and the nicer weather will make the actual move much easier, especially for properties located in northern states where the winter months bring freezing temperatures and snow.

In addition to examining the specific reasons why buyers and renters like to move during summer, it is necessary to also look at the real estate market itself. If movers are looking to save money, the winter months are a better option because prices will be down due to the decreased property availability and less interest in moving during the off-season. However, this indicates that the opposite will be true for summer months because there are more properties on the market for both rentals and sales at higher prices due to the increased demand. As a result, investors will have a better chance of asking for more money on their properties and gaining back better profits.

After analyzing and determining why the summer season is such an ideal time for people to move, the only question that remains for the future investor is whether to partake in a fix and flip project or commit to a longer investment in a buy and hold property. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start this investment because by the time you find the property you wish to purchase and fix the place up so that it is appealing to buyers, your investment will be ready to sell at the peak of the real estate season. If you choose to pursue a fix and flip project, sign up with LendingOne today and receive a free download of our eBook, 5 Tips for Successfully Finding, Fixing, And Flipping Your Next Property, which will provide you with some useful advice on how to search, fix, and ultimately flip your real estate investment.

If you are looking to invest in something for a longer commitment, then a buy and hold strategy may be more appropriate for you. With so many people interested in moving during the coming months, you should start looking into your options soon because it’ll not only take time to find the property you want to invest in, but you’ll also need to go to closing, potentially conduct any repairs on the property, and then put it on the market for renting. If you are new to the buy and hold business or an experienced investor interested in learning a little more about the overall process, LendingOne is pleased to offer you our free eBook 5 Strategies to Improve Your Buy and Hold Real Estate Investment just for registering with us. This eBook will propose five important tips you can employ when looking to purchase a home to turn into a rental property that’ll earn you profits in the long-run and help grow your buy and hold business both presently and in the future.

If you take into consideration what the market trends have displayed regarding the peak in the real estate season and the reasons behind why people like moving more during the summer months, then now is a great time for an investor to start looking at a fix and flip project or a long-term buy and hold rental. LendingOne can help you get prepared for these upcoming investments by offering loans specifically for fix and flip properties and buy and hold rentals, as well as expert advice from our loan consultants, and eBooks designed to provide valuable information regarding these two methods of real estate investing. Get yourself organized and begin your search for that next great investment today so you’ll be all set for these busy summer months approaching in the real estate market.

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