rental property renovations

How to Save Money on Rental Property Renovations

Budget Tips for Rental Property Renovations One of the most important ideas to keep in mind is that tenants are not homeowners. Even the best of tenants do not have the same feeling for your rental property as the home they will own in the future. Providing a temporary home that is clean, inviting, and […]

rental property maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance Tips for the Busy Real Estate Investor

If you’re just starting out in the rental property business, you might not have sufficient funds to hire a full-service property management company. That’s why it can be a more cost-effective solution to oversee your rental property maintenance yourself. However, in order to maintain the condition of your rentals, as well as your reputation, it’s […]

rental property renovations

Important Rental Property Renovations to Remember

Truly essential rental property renovations differ from the ones we’ll make when dealing with a fix-and-flip. When renovating for a rental, we’ll want to move away from wow-factor and instead increase the property’s efficiency and livability. A good guideline? Renovate to the standard of the neighborhood. Do nearby rentals have fresh paint, minimal landscaping and Corian […]

buy and hold investment property

The Basics of a Buy and Hold Investment Property

Flipping homes isn’t the only way to make a profit in real estate. In fact, purchasing a buy and hold investment property can be a less risky and much more profitable endeavor. Instead of depending on a quick post-rehab sale to turn a profit, your initial investment accumulates value over time. Two Types of Buy […]

good tenants

Happy Tenants Equal Monthly Cash Flow For Investment Properties

Rental Property Tips for Real Estate Investors Every successful investment property owner knows that the secret to making your asset profitable hinges on your ability to keep your tenants happy. You might offer the most luxurious apartments in town, but if the residents aren’t happy, it’s going to affect your cash flow in several ways: […]