4 Key Insights When Evaluating an Area for Investing

The Importance of Research When Considering an Area’s Potential You’ve just pumped $350,000 into buying and renovating a home in a sleepy, yet relatively affluent suburb. But when you put the house on the market for $450,000, there’s little to no interest from buyers. The reason? One of the region’s largest companies is about to […]

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5 Rental Property Management Tools For Busy Landlords

Time-Saving Software Rental Investors Will Love Property management involves many processes, from building maintenance tracking and expense management to tenant screening, tax reporting, and more. As a busy rental property real estate investor, finding the best rental property management tools or property management software can help make all the difference. What follows are some useful […]

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10 Best Digital Resources for the Busy Real Estate Investor  

Time-Saving Websites for Real Estate Investors Regardless of how many investment properties you own or how experienced you are, time management is critical if you’re a real estate investor. You simply can’t afford to waste time when it comes to keeping up with trending news, locating viable investments, finding prospects, vetting contractors, and reviewing vendors. […]

10 Key Team Members Real Estate Investors Can Count On

Real estate investing is a busy business that requires lots of time and the ability to multitask frequently. As a result, real estate investors tend to wear many hats, which can become overwhelming. For investors who are looking to save time, be more efficient, and streamline their business better, here are the 10 must-have members […]