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Bridge Loan Basics for Real Estate Investors

What is a Bridge or Fix and Flip Loan? A fix and flip loan—also referred to as a bridge loan, swing loan, interim financing, or gap financing—is a short-term loan that provides you with the working capital you need to meet the immediate financial obligations of your fix and flip project. This kind of loan […]

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What You Need to Know When Financing Fix and Flips

Types of Loans for Purchase and Repairs of a Fix and Flip An investor or contractor that is considering a fix and flip project can have several concerns. A standard home mortgage will not be considered because the home is not a primary residence for the flipper. A typical construction loan also may not be […]

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10 Bathroom Remodel Tips for Fix and Flips

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget It is entirely possible to save big when redoing a bathroom on a fix and flip property, especially when you avoid gutting everything right down to the studs.  Instead, make the bathroom look nice by updating without breaking the bank. Nobody needs to know you did a budget bathroom remodel if you […]

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The Importance of Time When Fixing and Flipping

Why Time is Money For Fix and Flips To become a successful investor fixing and flipping, it’s essential to learn how to set accurate deadlines for your projects. If your timeline for a project is inaccurate and you can’t sell the home before the designated deadline, your costs increase. There are two reasons for this: […]

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What Makes A Good Fix-n-Flip Investment?

Evaluating a Property’s Value and Potential as a Fix-n-Flip Probably the most crucial question for any real estate investor is how to evaluate a property’s fix-n-flip potential. This is where the rubber meets the road and what separates those who make money from those who don’t. There are a few key points to consider before […]

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8 Ways to Save Money on Fix and Flip Repairs

Fix and Flip Repairs The success of a fix and flip investment depends entirely on your ability to sell the rehabbed property at a price that not only recuperates your total investment, but also leaves you with a profit. However, if you’re new to the real estate business, it’s all too easy to spend more […]

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How to Budget for Fix and Flip Renovations

The key to making money from flipping houses is to accurately predict how much you’ll spend on rehabbing each property. This allows you to estimate the profit on the projected selling price. However, getting the budget right isn’t easy—especially when you’re new to the business. Here’s how to create an accurate budget for fix and […]