hard money lenders

All About Hard Money Lenders

The Basics of Hard Money Lenders If you’re researching all your financing options for your real estate investments, you might have heard about hard money lenders. But what are hard money lenders exactly, and why do they finance loans that may have been rejected by conventional lenders? What Are Hard Money Lenders? In real estate, […]


How to Streamline Your Application with a Private Money Lender

Applying with a Private Money Lender? What You’ll Need to Know For real estate projects to be effective, planning and researching must be involved. Having the proper paperwork available shows resourcefulness on the part of the borrower, and gives the lender confidence to work with them. Things to Know About Your Potential Private Money Lender […]

hard money loans

3 Reasons Why Investors Turn To Hard Money Loans

If you’re looking for a way to finance a real estate investment, then you’ve probably heard of hard money loans. Also referred to as “bridge loans,” these are typically short-term loans provided by private lenders at a relatively high interest rate—sometimes as much as 18 percent. Because of the risk involved, lenders typically require the […]

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Comparing Real Estate Comps When It Is Time To Sell

When selling a property, picking the right price is a make-or-break task that can mean the difference between closing a sale fast and hanging onto an expired listing. To choose the right price, you’ll need to look at true real estate comps. Real estate comps are short for comparables which are other similar properties investors will use […]

Direct Private Real Estate Lender

What is a Private Real Estate Lender?

What is a private lender? When we know the exact answer, we will let you know. There is a fine line between the various terms, and they are used interchangeably by different people. We tend to think of it this way: a private lender provides money for real estate investors that most likely can obtain […]