general contractor

5 Steps to Perform Prior to that General Contractor Hire

Why Investors Need General Contractors To make a fix and flip project a success, you need a skilled, experienced general contractor on board from the start. Once you’ve found a promising property and an inspection has been performed, your contractor provides an assessment of all the work that needs to be done and what the […]

home renovations

How to Organize Your Contractor at the Start of Home Renovations

What to Do When Working With a Contractor for Home Renovations A successful fix and flip project requires outstanding organization. As the real estate investor, it’s critical that you ensure the project is properly managed—especially when it comes to home renovations. In order to do this, you need to coordinate with your contractor ahead of […]


Common Issues with Contractors and How to Solve Them

Solutions to Common Concerns About Contractors As a real estate investor, a large part of your success depends on your contractor and subcontractors. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for investors to run into problems with contractors. Here are some of the most common issues—and some useful suggestions for solving them. The contractor is unreliable When your […]

managing contractors

7 Tips for Managing Contractors During Home Renovations

Timely and quality renovations are the key to any successful house flipping endeavor. Once you’ve hired a reliable contractor and/or subcontractors, it’s advisable to proactively manage them during the rehab phase. That way, the project is less likely to get off track and exceed the allocated time and budget. Keep the following tips in mind: […]

search for contractors

10 Ways to Find a Reliable Contractor

You absolutely need the best contractor or your home remodel will quickly find itself underwater. Trouble is, finding a reliable contractor can be very difficult and requires time, patience, and experience to recognize when you have located someone reliable. Real estate investors have discovered the hard way the unreliability of contractors, so it is important […]

independent contractor agreement

What to Include in an Independent Contractor Agreement

We’ve all heard horror stories of contractors who caused serious damage, then left the property owner holding the bag. That is why is it essential for real estate investors to have an independent contractor agreement in place before a contractor begins conducting renovations on their fix and flip or rental properties. While the idea of […]

real estate comps

Comparing Real Estate Comps When It Is Time To Sell

When selling a property, picking the right price is a make-or-break task that can mean the difference between closing a sale fast and hanging onto an expired listing. To choose the right price, you’ll need to look at true real estate comps. Real estate comps are short for comparables which are other similar properties investors will use […]

15 Questions Investors Must Ask A Contractor

During the rehab portion of a fix and flip, investors will need to locate a contractor they can trust. Someone who they know is reliable, experienced, and capable of completing the job on time and within budget. However, it can be very difficult vetting through potential contractors and determining who to hire and who to […]