Money-Saving Bathroom Remodel Tips for Real Estate Investors

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

When it comes to renovating your fix and flip properties, it’s important to know how to perform an inexpensive bathroom remodel. Homebuyers expect a home’s bathrooms to be not only functional, but also up-to-date and pleasing to the eye. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do a total overhaul and install only top of the line features—but it does mean that you need to think strategically and stick to your budget.

Have a well researched plan and stick to it

You should always begin by creating a bathroom renovation plan that takes into account what homebuyers are looking for in that specific neighborhood. Don’t overdo it. In other words, if the average home in the neighborhood has a master bathroom with one vanity, a shower, and a regular bathtub, then don’t install an extra vanity and a Jacuzzi.

To ensure your plan meets your budget requirements, cut costs where possible without affecting the overall appeal of the final product. Do not change the floorplan, as this will allow you to keep the plumbing and wiring the same. Make sure the ventilation system is working well, and ensure good lighting. If there’s a window, use frosted glass or some other kind of decorative glass to allow light in while still ensuring privacy.

Knowing what to install new and what to spruce up

It’s always advisable to install a new toilet. Look for discounted models to keep the costs low. New faucets with an updated design on the shower, bath, and sinks can give the entire bathroom a trendy look. In addition, if the bathtub, sinks, or shower have damaged enamel, you can have them refinished. This is much more cost-effective than buying new bathroom furniture and having it installed. Refinishing a bathtub costs approximately $350 to $500—whereas a new one would cost upwards of $1,000, including installation costs.

Don’t replace what you can paint and spruce up. For example, an old vanity can look as good as new with a fresh coat of paint and some new handles, and old shelves can be given a facelift with some textured paint. Always frame any mirrors. You can visit thrift stores and flea markets to find interesting frames, for example gilt or art deco ones—and all at a fraction of the price they’d cost new.

Include one stunning eye-catcher in your bathroom remodel

In order to keep to your budget bathroom remodel, only install one stunning feature. Whether it’s wall art in the form of a stenciled beach scene or a favorite poem or a set of small shelves with orchids on them, create one feature that captures homebuyers’ attention and adds character to the space.

Finally, invest in a bathmat and matching towels. Staging the bathroom properly is just as important as renovating it properly. Purchase some nice accessories that complement the room’s overall design and heighten its appeal.

If you keep these pointers in mind and invest the time to find discount materials, then your budget bathroom remodel can become some of your fix and flip properties’ main selling points.


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