single family rental property

What Makes a Good Single Family Rental Property?

10 Ways to Evaluate a Property’s Potential as a Single Family Rental If you’re looking for a sound investment that yields a good monthly return, chances are you’re thinking about investing in a single-family rental property. However, not all properties are created equal, and if you don’t know what your prospective tenants want, your investment […]

affordable flooring

The Most Affordable Flooring Options for Fix-n-Flip Properties 

Affordable Flooring Doesn’t Have to Mean Cheap Flooring When considering a fix and flip or rental renovation, flooring will be one of the most expensive areas for replacement. In the past, many contractors found the cheapest carpet or vinyl available to make a ‘quick sale’. Savvy buyers are not likely to purchase a property with […]

home renovations

How to Organize Your Contractor at the Start of Home Renovations

What to Do When Working With a Contractor for Home Renovations A successful fix and flip project requires outstanding organization. As the real estate investor, it’s critical that you ensure the project is properly managed—especially when it comes to home renovations. In order to do this, you need to coordinate with your contractor ahead of […]

good tenants

Landlord Tips for Finding Good Tenants and Keeping Them

How to Find Good Tenants  As real estate investors, one of the most important parts of owning a rental property is keeping it filled with good tenants. The cost of finding new tenants, screening them, and getting them settled in can quickly crush our profits. That says nothing of the stress and tension vacant rentals […]

different types of roofs

Different Types of Roofs for Real Estate Investment Properties

How to Know Which Roof is the Right Roof? Most rehabs for rentals or fix and flips will include renovating or replacing the roof. Learning about different types of roofs will help investors know what to look for when budgeting a project. Roof issues must be addressed before a sagging roof or other structural damage […]


Common Issues with Contractors and How to Solve Them

Solutions to Common Concerns About Contractors As a real estate investor, a large part of your success depends on your contractor and subcontractors. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for investors to run into problems with contractors. Here are some of the most common issues—and some useful suggestions for solving them. The contractor is unreliable When your […]

real estate

10 Best Digital Resources for the Busy Real Estate Investor  

Time-Saving Websites for Real Estate Investors Regardless of how many investment properties you own or how experienced you are, time management is critical if you’re a real estate investor. You simply can’t afford to waste time when it comes to keeping up with trending news, locating viable investments, finding prospects, vetting contractors, and reviewing vendors. […]