Corporate Partner Program

Referring us business, is good business for you.

Are you a corporate business that provides goods or services to investors in non-owner occupied real estate? Partner with LendingOne to offer innovative financing solutions to your customers, help them grow their investment portfolios, and generate additional revenue for your business.

What is the LendingOne Corporate Partner Program?

LendingOne prides itself on building relationships and expanding its network of partners with a shared goal: to provide an exceptional experience to real estate investors. Through our partner program, enterprise partners are provided the opportunity to earn compensation from referred customers, pass savings along to their customer base, or potentially offer their products or services to LendingOne’s growing customer base.

Benefits for the Corporate Partner:

  • Custom, co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Dedicated partner specific account management
  • Ancillary revenue while helping your customers
  • Real-time reporting

Benefits for the Referred Client:

  • Exceptional customer service, provided by knowledgeable real estate lending professionals
  • Fast, transparent, and straight forward borrowing process
  • Competitive rates and confidence in loans closing in the agreed upon time-frame


Corporate Partner Form

If you have any questions regarding this form, please call us at: 866-374-0157.

Disclaimer: All referral fees, related compensation and participation in the Corporate Partner Program are subject to all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

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